The Calm {Michelle & Haroon}

There was a moment when I was mesmerised by the calm breeze, the bright light embracing them. A moment of calm.

Every couple is so different. Their individual personalities meld to become something other. With Michelle and Harry, that other is serene. I fell captivated with that when I first spent time with them.

Lately I have been thinking more upon why I love weddings so much. While the plan of the day and the events of the day are often similar, the feeling, and the happenings, are in every detail different. They are different because of the individuals, because of the ‘other’ that happens when they are together, and because all the people who love them do so in different ways. There are no two days that are the same.

This day encapsulates the story of this boy and this girl, right now, in this moment in time; the people who are dearest to them, their personalities seeping into all the choices they have made for this grand celebration. And it is my wish to suspend that moment in time. Tell the story of their right now, to be held for them as memories in images, for whenever they want to remember.

I want to tell their story. There is more to be said in each image than I will even know is there, for each person, each detail will hold meaning for them. To tell this story, one of two Asian cultures coming together, one of a bride who designed her bridesmaid dresses and the bridesmaid who picked up the tiny frog, I have chosen to present the images in two ways. First, a slideshow set to music which moves me and which I feel tells a little bit the story of a couple who together will achieve great things….

Second, with a presentation of still images (with some of the same and many different moments to those above).

Dear Michelle and Harry, you inspire me. Thank you for sharing this time in your life with us – we wish you every happiness there is.