Sweet peas & Silk {Ellie & David}

Babington House, Somerset

Autumn weddings are fast becoming a favourite, and this was one of my most memorable days of last year. Apart from the visual feast that it was, Ellie and David are two incredibly kind and lovely people and the emotional swell from their loved ones as they said I do was so tangible, I could have collected it from the air.

Ellie is an exceptional designer and has a very beautiful British luxury dress label which focusses on 100% silk. For the wedding, Ellie had offcuts from her designs made into pocket handkerchiefs that all the guests could ware. Each had a buttonhole too, which is something Jake and I had done for our wedding, and I adore the inclusiveness of this tradition. Completely in line with Ellie’s vision, the day was to be a splash of sophisticated colour, intertwined with the naturalness of the setting, and Flowers by Passion took on the challenge and excelled as is their usual form. The hedgerow was brought inside with hawthorns and berries, woven with stunning forms of bright wild roses, sweet peas, dahlias and scabius. I was in flower heaven.

Then of course there was Ellie’s dress. Designed by her and made especially for this day, it was entirely her. It was the most incredible shade and had such movement. Unconventionally and incredibly elegant. Since the wedding, Ellie has decide to offer her incredible designs to other like-minded brides, and you order in a variety of colours and patterns to suit the theme of your day. I am touched that Ellie has used a number of my images on her bridal page. Go and explore at Ellie Lines Bridal!

This is a real feast of love and colour, in my usual format and a handful of Polaroids we took at Ellie and David’s request.