2013 review & our couples thoughts {part 2}

In the second of two posts (see part 1), we share some more of our favourite images from 2013, which saw us document weddings from Wales to Oxfordshire, and travel from Cornwall to Bamburgh to get to know our couples better on their engagement shoots. In the snow, mist, sunshine and under rainbows, we visited many new venues as well as our recommended venues like Babington House and South Farm.

We also share the comments our couples made when they voted for us in the 2014 Wedding Industry Awards, on why they chose us to document their celebrations.


Ria’s photos are beautiful, and after meeting Ria we knew she would be our perfect choice.

Having met Ria at the Goldbrick House open day we immediately felt that she was a creative person with an amazing portfolio who’s photos felt so incredibly natural – she was immediately the photographer for us and we were delighted she was available for our wedding.

Her attitude and approach to life and photography really fitted in with that of me and my (now) wife. We got on with her right away and felt that we could trust her with the important role of documenting our day.

Ria has a great artistic eye unlike the other generic wedding photographers. Her work is edited and compiled by her personally. She is highly responsive and easy to work with.

My Fiancee and I were seriously impressed with the images on Ria’s blog. We both work in the arts and were keen to find a photographer who would bring a personal and artistic element to the photography for our wedding day. We’d have been hard pushed to find this level of skill and artistry anywhere else, I’m sure of it, and we feel very lucky that we found her!


The venue recommended Ria and after meeting her to discuss and look at her work, there was no doubt that we wanted her to be our photographer,

Her genuine love of capturing the emotions within photography, her gentle and kind manner, her exquisite photos. Ria is incredible and I will use her for every important invent in my life I want to capture on photography

Her images were well shot, managed to see loads of her work on the internet as well as in presentation albums / boxes. Exactly what we wanted and she knew it before we did!

Ria was on the Babington recommended suppliers list, but it was when we saw her work and how unconventional and fantastic the results were that we decided to book her.

Ria offered an engagement shoot within the castle grounds, which gave us the opportunity to know each other. She really made us feel relaxed, using some fun techniques to capture natural shots. The session also provided us with the chance to explain what we were looking for.


We booked our wedding from Australia where we live and Ria did all that she could to ensure the process was seamless. When booking a wedding from overseas, a supplier’s website, response times, attention to detail, approach, manner and personality become even more important in terms of becoming deciding factors on who to book. We arranged just one coffee meeting with Ria on a fleeting trip back to the UK as part of a shortlist we had compiled from abroad and we had a gut instinct immediately that she was the one for us. During those early stages, we judged Ria on far more than her photographs and she certainly did not disappoint. Ria went out of her way to accommodate our plans right from the beginning and was even happy to arrange a last minute engagement shoot in London at no extra cost the week before the wedding in order that we had a second opportunity to meet with her prior to the big day. This helped us feel comfortable and relaxed with her style as a photographer and gave us full confidence that she was the right pick to play such an important part in our wedding day. Ria and her partner Jake went out of their way on the day itself and were happy to run around after us all morning in a capacity above and beyond expectations of a photographer! To the point whereby they seemed more like guests….guests that happened to take fabulous pictures! They stayed longer than we had booked them for to ensure they captured a real sense of our special day right the way through into the evening reception. The process since the wedding has been simple and easy to follow and the pictures themselves have been a joy we have poured over again and again – we are so proud to show them off to anyone who will look! We also received the photos back so much quicker than friends we know. She even sent us a snippet of some of the best just 2 days after the wedding whilst we were on honeymoon, an example of her above and beyond approach. I strongly believe that Ria is thoroughly deserving of an industry award and that as her reputation grows, so will her order book to the point where future brides and grooms will be exceedingly lucky to stand a chance of booking her in!


The style of the photography and the quality of the printing process/choice of paper ..really enhances the colours.

Loved her relaxed and honest approach.

Because Ria is simply one of the loveliest people you could hope to meet, and her photos are naturally beautiful, not contrived or predictable. We knew we wanted her immediately.

Because her photographs and the quality of her work is exceptional.

My friend booked Ria for her wedding a couple of years ago & when I saw the photos I knew I wanted her to photograph our wedding. I actually booked Ria before I had confirmed the venue! We visited South Farm and knew it was the venue for us, and then by complete chance found that Ria was one of their preferred suppliers and photographs there regularly.


Since speaking to Ria over the phone, after expressing an initial interest in her work, we have been impressed with her vision of capturing natural and beautiful photos. We felt her work really stood out from that of other wedding photographers that we had researched. We loved the atmosphere and feeling Ria creates in her photos, and the way they evoke an innate romantic sentiment. We were impressed by Ria’s ever-present professionalism yet warm nature, and high level of customer service. Her experience and portfolio, and knowledge of the venue were also persuasive factors in choosing to book Ria. We are so delighted with both our engagement and wedding photos, and would not hesitate at all to book Ria again in the future.

We had a family member recommendation and her website reflected the imagery we were interested in capturing for our wedding. When we met her, she conveyed a warm and accurate understanding of what we wanted to capture on film to reflect our wedding day experience. She fully grasped and understood the simple, intimate, low key brief we gave her and had a remarkable balance of personal courtesy and professionalism in her approach and attitude. We could not fault her in any way.


We knew when we first met Ria that she shared our vision of what photography we wanted for our wedding. Her photos tell the story of the day. The pre-wedding photo shoot helped to calm our nerves and made the wedding day so much easier. We cannot rate Ria highly enough!!

From the our initial consultation with Ria we knew that she was the perfect person to document our wedding day. She was such a warm and engaging person who not only had a great passion for photography but also was interested in us as people and our wedding. Ria was on a recommended list of suppliers from our venue and knowing the high standards they had we knew that Ria would have to be excellent and we were not disappointed. Our initial consultation was warm and friendly, and not a sales pitch. We felt so comfortable around Ria and trusted her with the task of capturing the moments throughout our big day. The examples of Ria’s work shown to us were stunning and we knew that she had the ability to produce the same for us to make those memories last a lifetime.

Ria’s ability to capture the natural essence of what it feels like to be in love, the enjoyment of all the small, delicate beautiful details of a special occasion, and the grandeur of a once-in-a-lifetime event, is a truly brilliant talent. We were overjoyed that Ria could shoot our wedding because we knew that she would fit in wonderfully with the mood of the entire day, that it would be lovely to spend time with her, and that we could be entirely trust her to shoot the things that we also thought were spontaneous and special. Not only does she provide a stunningly professional service, she does it with a personal charm and ease that makes the entire experience really brilliant.