I create bespoke images that imaginatively illustrate your ideas and your business, with traces of magic that capture attention. This art carefully articulates what you do and what you stand for, in a way that no single head shot or stock image could do. There’s a unique power of images that properly articulate your vision, that enhance your message.



I work with entrepreneurs and businesses in two ways:


  • I create ‘heart shots ’, which are to head shots what a vocation is to a job. These images convey not only what you look like, but the nuance of your interest and passion.


  • I create artography and illustrations that bring magic to your blog or website content, for social media, as illustrations for books or products.

"Wherever you go,

go with all your heart."



Your profile or biography picture is your golden opportunity to share who you are and what you stand for. I create unique photomontage images which not only show what you look like, but encapsulate what you do and what you believe in. A headshot shows you to be a professional, but a heart shot shows that and so much more. It transports to your passion, your vocation.


Dr Helen Scales is a marine biologist, writer and broadcaster. She is author of the Guardian bestseller Spirals in Time, New Scientist book of the year Eye of the Shoal, and the children’s book The Great Barrier Reef. She writes for National Geographic Magazine, the Guardian, and New Scientist, among others. She teaches at Cambridge University and is science advisor for the marine conservation charity Sea Changers.


I created a series of ocean Heart Shots for Helen for her to use in her marketing, on her website and in magazine articles. Hear Helen talk about what her Heart Shot means to her below:


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magication illustration

I create imaginative and illustrative images that carefully encapsulate what is unique and special about how you work or a particular offering you have.


It can be really hard to find images to communicate effectively what it is you do. Stock images often don’t get across the nuance of what you do, and you end up looking like everyone else, when you know you are not.

magication :

to bestow upon, transfer, possess, or exchange magic

HIGHLIGHT: Dr susanna pinkus

Dr Susanna Pinkus is an educational expert & inclusion specialist with an international client base. She works with children and young people who have a wide range of learning differences, working holistically to bring back joy and confidence to the school and learning experience.


I created visuals to illustrate her website, blog and social media (Instagram & LinkedIn). Susanna kindly shares what it was like to work with me:


"Visuals are such an essential element of showcasing one’s values and mission in the world, and the bespoke images which Ria created for me are simply stunning. They capture so perfectly the feel of what I was hoping to manifest for my summer article series, and for use in my social media posts.


Whilst the initial brief was to design a set of unique images to evoke the feelings of joy in learning, and the magic of transformation, in the end, Ria also completely redesigned my website. This, alongside the images, has resulted in the most beautiful site that I could have imagined.


Working with Ria has been a genuine privilege. She is incredibly talented but also highly efficient and collaborating with her is a joy. I couldn’t recommend her more highly."

- Dr Susanna Pinkus


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