The one that’s with you {March to June 2013}

At the beginning of the year I decided to show the four most popular images from my Instagram feed, with a little back story, as a way of sharing more of my everyday way of seeing. Then March kicked in and all of a sudden it is June. So here I am playing catch-up with an image a month.


We are a reflection of each other.

This was taken at the height of the Spring floods. It was early morning on my running route through the University Parks in Oxford. Time when I think.



This is Jake’s playful wave to you all from Tikal in Guatemala on a very hot day, a shock to our English systems having come from -8 degrees Celsius. It was a blissful trip and I promise I will share more soon…


@jlsnaddon found these cheap cheap in Indonesia and wanted them for the #allotment so he posted them and two months later, here they are!

This is the sort of thing my husband does. I love him for it.


Where will this lead?

This month a lot has happened. A lot that has given me perspective and that will lead us to pastures new. I have kept having visions of this moment in Crooked Tree in Belize. Totally deserted, we were alone to explore, and the evening sun spelt hope to me that day. It still does. There is always the promise of what we will make of tomorrow.