The one that’s with you {February 2013}

Last month I posted a few of my favourite and most popular images from my January 2013 Instagram feed, as a way of beginning to share a little more of my everyday way of seeing. I thought it might be a nice addition to explain this month where I took the images and what they mean to me…

Top left to bottom right: I’ve been waiting…; One of my favourite things….; I’m dreaming…; A very @jlsnaddon part of our overladen bookcase.

In February, Jake flew off to Indonesia and I retreated to a favourite space to recoup. The winter was very busy for us and some long awaited admin was attended to, while gaining some peace through the tranquility of the Somerset countryside. Near my parent’s house there is a long walk which takes me through the fields and past the old tree in the first image. I have always had a love affair with trees like this. The dark twisted branches seemed pained by age, yet at peace with all they have seen. There is a wisdom to them.

The second image is truly one of my favourite things. Walking at dusk as flocks of birds gather and mark their route across the sky. It doesn’t matter where I am, I have to stop and watch if I am out at the right time.

The third image is a tree outside our house in Oxford, reflected in my car roof, distorted by one of the many dustings of snow that we have seen this spring. I was about to set off to a wedding, and was full of dreams and aspirations.

While at home in Oxford, I searched our shelf for a misplaced book….and I paused when this section reminded me of my love. I think it is wonderful how he is represented in these choices and how they sit together as the shelves bend under their weight.