Introduction to the Beloved Technique

I am excited to announce that I am now a qualified teacher of the Beloved Technique, and one half of the Education Team for the Beloved Collective.

I will be offering introductory sessions to the technique in the New Year.

Introduction to the Beloved Technique
2nd March 2014, 11am-4pm (including lunch) – SOLD OUT

To register your interest, please email me.

We will go through the principles of the technique and resources available in a small group atmosphere, with plenty of opportunity for discussion and questions. In the afternoon, we will do a live shoot with a couple, giving you the opportunity to watch the technique first hand and practice yourself.


About the Beloved Technique
Beloved is a portrait-based photographic genre that celebrates relationship, blending the visual aesthetic of portrait photography with the authenticity of photojournalism. In a world where time is in short supply and the demand for our attention is high, Beloved creates a space for people to spend time and rediscover the ones they love. The images that are created are more than just photographs, they become living reminders of what matters most.

The Beloved Techinique is an interaction style, a tool that can be used by any photographer to complement his or her own original style. The Technique has a simple carefully articulated structure, which is accessible, and demonstrates principles that have effects that go beyond the shoot. The principles learnt will have knock on effects in business and personal interactions for any practicing photographer.


What students have to say
‘ Ria is an excellent teacher – patient, kind and knowledgable. The Introduction was very logical and helped me understand how to approach my shoots better.’ – Deirdre McCullock

‘Thank *you*! I learned so much! Not just about the technique itself, but in general about people and values – and my own values… I feel like some little puzzle pieces finally clicked together. I hope this will make me a better photographer on the long term.’ – Viktoria Kuti

‘It was quite an enlightening experience for me. I cried watching the emotion of the couple during the shoot. Really found it enjoyable.’ – Tracey Christina

Also, please read Tracey Christina’s review of the Introductory Session.


About Ria
I have a strong belief in education, in helping equip people with tools that enable them to realise their goals.

I have an academic background, I hold a PhD from Cambridge University. I have previously taught one-to-one sessions and in small groups, headed large group classes and I have given public and university lectures.

I was first introduced to the Beloved Technique two and a half years ago. It has had a profound effect on my personal enjoyment of my work, the value of the work I produce, and on my own outlook.

Beloved has given me the ability to form more meaningful relationships with those I photograph for however brief a time, and allows me to create more authentic and thus more beautiful images.

To register your interest in the ‘Introduction to the Beloved Technique’ training session, please email me.