Beloved {Vikki & Gareth}

At the end of April, I held my most recent Introduction to the Beloved Technique for a small group of photographers. We spent the morning in discussion introducing the concepts, with the class asking questions and sharing their experiences and ideas. In the afternoon, we were joined by a very lovely couple – Vikki (who is also a photographer) and her husband Gareth. They had never experienced a Beloved Shoot before. Since they have been married they have had no professional images of the two of them together, so they were excited if not a little nervous.

With the class watching, I ran through a brief session with Vikki and Gareth, showing how I incorporate the technique into the way I work, how I make it my own and use it as a tool to create authentic, emotive images that will remind Vikki and Gareth of the experience of sharing time together. The Beloved Technique is simply an elegant tool you can add to your existing repertoire to enhance the emotional content of your images, while retaining all of the scene setting you do as an artist that is unique to you.


Vikki shares a few words here about their experience of the Beloved Session:

‘Gareth and I were both excited and nervous about our Beloved photo session with Ria, and also having another four photographers there too! Being a photographer myself, I’m usually most comfortable behind a camera rather than in front!  I’d heard a little about the Beloved technique from a good friend, however to be on the receiving end of it, meant that we genuinely had no idea what to expect.  When we arrived, Ria and her husband Jake were warm and welcoming and instantly put us at ease.  When the session began, Ria started by getting Gareth and I to try and push each other over which was hilarious, and instantly broke the ice.  Ria then gently prompted us to recall lovely memories, and occasions when we had made each other laugh, and occasions when we have been proud of one another.  This took us through a whole range of emotions, that I never thought I would be able to express in front of a camera.  Gareth and I are usually a couple who tease each other, and laugh a lot, so for Ria to be able to evoke such raw emotion from us was amazing, and a truly wonderful feeling.  All of these things, combined with gentle posing from Ria, meant that Gareth and I ended up with some beautiful imagery that totally captures the true essence of our relationship in a totally natural way.  We can’t thank you enough!’

– Vikki

The photographers who came to learn about the technique were excited to see it in action. Theresa was among them and kindly shares a few words about the experience:

‘This past April, I attended the ‘Beloved’ introductory course, led by Ria Mishaal. The course covered ‘Beloved’ principles and included a live client session with a couple. This gave me the opportunity to see some of the ‘Beloved’ techniques being performed by an experienced and qualified photographer. Ria is one of the few qualified ‘Beloved’ teacher here in the UK. She is both a gifted photographer and instructor who skilfully introduced the basis of ‘Beloved’ and effectively explained how principles and techniques are best utilized in sessions with clients. She encouraged the couple through various ‘Beloved’ techniques to explore the chemistry between them to allow more natural responses to flow. Through this, Ria was able to create organic, candid and unique photographs that the couple could cherish. If you are interested in finding a way that would encourage your clients be themselves and get comfortable during photographic sessions then look no further. The ‘Beloved’ technique is the method you’re looking for. I highly recommend you give Ria a call for more details.’

– Theresa Furey

If you are interested in learning more about the Introduction to the Beloved Technique classes I hold or you would like to take part as a couple to be photographed, please get in touch.