Woodland Walk {Jack & Celine}


Jack & Celine have often cycled around and around Richmond Park. The last time Jack had been cycling around was the Bank Holiday weekend and the main route was overflowing with roller bladers and cyclists of every sort, so he took a diversion in to the middle of the park and stumbled across a quiet woodland he thought would be perfect for their Richmond Park engagement shoot.

Those trees certainly caught a quiet magic between their branches. Something I have always felt in woodland is a sense of peace, of time standing still – a harmony of silence. This was the perfect backdrop.

Jack and Celine are perfectly matched. Here are two highly intelligent and interesting people who have a beautiful sense of the romantic: Jack who finds romance in Redwood trees and being caught in the rain….and Celine who is deeply moved by the regard Jack has for her. On their engagement, she gave him a watch that resembles the dial of a sports car, and he wears it with such pride.

Their wedding will be something very special, from the church to Nonsuch Mansion, there will be the most perfect kind of celebration, and I will be blessed to document those moments.