It was then that I carried you {Liz & Adam}

Perfect light, seeping through every gap in the buildings and the trees, making it hard to see, but impossible not to feel. I think this is my favorite time of year.

Tall tree-lined streets, majestic, full of history. A story behind each door at the top of each little flight of steps rising from the streets.

Portobello Market, ready to explore, full of people, life, and every little trinket. I think this might be my favorite part of London.

Exploring this neighborhood with two people for whom it holds so much meaning, bathed in this gorgeous light, was wonderful. Liz and Adam are so warm, immediately welcoming. They are so beautifully in love. Understated and genuine in their affections. And they have so much style. Photographing their wedding will be a dream….and I only have to wait a few short days.