The goose and the cupcake {Brandon & Beccy}

On their second date, Brandon took Beccy to a cupcake shop in Camden Town. A classic round fronted shop full of colourful goodies. That second date became part of their history, and Brandon wanted to recognise that by bringing some sweet cupcakes along on their Nottingham engagement shoot.

Both roweres, they knew this stretch of river very well. We walked in the late afternoon light, along the banks of glittering water, followed by cupcake loving geese, and talked of their memories and their plans. We walked across the bridges, to their old boat house, and down to the launch to be close to the water.

There is a quiet sweetness and connection in the way they look at each other. An understanding with an interest in what the other is thinking. It was a joy to spend an afternoon in their company and I look forward to documenting the precious moments of their wedding day.

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