Stone and steel {Dave & Anja}

Dave & Anja know this part of London well; they love the architecture and the juxtaposition between buildings very old and very new. Jake and I spent an inspiring bank holiday afternoon with Dave & Anja for their London engagement shoot, exploring the deserted streets. Anja’s interests lie in the history of the place, while Dave told of the designers and construction, and between them we learnt all about the area. And that is the: a team, sharing, helping and all with joy.

Dave’s favourite building is 30 St Mary Axe, otherwise know as the Gherkin. At 180 m tall, it’s the second tallest building in the City of London. We looked for different vistas where it rises amongst some of the older bulidings – the juxtaposition that Anja loves so – and ended up in Leadenhall Market, resplendent in red and gold.

Dave & Anja’s current adventure is involved with managing some of these exquisite buildings, but they met on quite a different adventure. They are both passionate about ecology, and their wedding in November will feature details sustainably resourced and reworked. Being something we are also passionate about we are very excited to see what they create.

london engagement shootlondon engagement shootlondon engagement shootlondon engagement shoot

And a little video story just for fun….