Welcome to the Jurassic Coast {Jess & David}


When Jess and David first enquired about their wedding on the Jurassic Coast this summer, my heart skipped. There is something so special about a wedding by the sea: something wild and romantic about being in view of that great ocean that connects us all.

It was a bright and beautiful morning, just like in the hymns we sung at school, and so reminiscent of this English countryside. The little windows of the stone house of Lyme Regis, glistening in the sunlight. We walked down the hill from Jess’s parents house, where their reception will be held, to the beach and walked along the shore.

We talked about long walks in the mountains and that amazing feeling of being surrounded by the elements, and how returning to the warm is so much sweeter after that experience. We talked about renovating houses (something we have all been occupying our time with of late) and compared the relative benefits of wood floors. We ate pasties, and discussed the amazing plans for their celebrations. It’s going to be a day that is personal, beautiful and I’m filled with joy just thinking about these two saying those two words to each other: ‘I do’.