In the meantime {Anneliese & Will}

Greenwich, London


I had never been to the beautiful park in Greenwich, so exploring in the golden light with the leaves turning was a treat. Anneliese and Will chose a Greenwich engagement shoot as they hold this area close to their hearts. Though they have moved away now, they lived here together for some time, and the park was a favourite spot to come to together.

Looking out of the city, in the peace above the buildings and tree tops, there is a change of pace. You can take a deep breath up there, and think clearly. I can see why they love it so much. Anneliese and Will met when they were children, but life took them in different directions until they both ended up in the city and found each other once again. There is something beautifully poetic to their tale, and the connection between them is so strong. I am very much looking forward to their big day next summer.