The oak tree & the ant hill {Rupert & Ali}

Our original plan for their engagement shoot had to be to meet in the pretty streets of Clifton village, but when Rupert and Ali were offered access to a Folly sat within a private park that has been protected land for near enough 750 years, it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

The folly is being lovingly restored, and was perfect for a few images with Rupert and Ali’s daughter Orla. The surrounding land has never been farmed and everywhere there are ant hills, an indicator that the land has never been exposed to chemicals. Close to the folly there is an oak tree. This particular tree is so old it appears in the Doomsday Book, noted as a parish boundary. It is magical, almost as if you have stepped back in time.

We explored the hill top and found a pine forest surrounding a single giant oak. The sunlight danced amongst the trees, playing catch with the wind. It was a place where you could forget that anywhere else exists.

Rupert and Ali are happy, jumping for joy sort of happy. So they jumped. For joy, for fun, for love. We are very excited to be sharing in and documenting their wedding celebrations at Goldbrick House next month.

folly engagement shootfolly engagement shoot