Home Sweet Home {Gavin & Kirsty}

Home is where the heart is. That is what they say. With these two, it is certainly true. This is a home they are building together. Gavin and Kirsty chose to have their Cambridge engagement shoot in their house and garden because it represents to them all that is important.

The first room they finished decorating recently is their dining and sitting room. Adorned with stunning reclaimed solid oak furniture and carvings and trinkets from their travels, it is certainly something to be proud of. We talked on their journey together, and how they got engaged in Malaysia (like Jake and I).

It’s not hard to believe that these two are renouned for their barbeques, so instantly warm and welcoming. They have chosen to have a barbeque for their wedding breakfast when their celebrations happen later this summer, so it made sense to fire up the coals for a barbeque lunch on their shoot.

In the back garden there are some strawberries growing. Being a keen grower of fruit and veg, I remarked on how well they were doing and Kirsty told me how they are planning to go to a pick your own strawberry farm to collect fruit to make jam for their wedding favours to go along with some marmalade they already have made. I completely approve!

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