Sunshine on the inside {Sami & Tammy}

Babington House lake, Somerset


A long way from the blissful 25 degree weather of their Abu Dhabi home, Sami and Tammy came to a wintery Somerset to make arrangements for their wedding next summer. I met them in the cosy bar of Babington House to warm up and get to know each other a little. We then set out around the lake to capture a few moments of them together in their busy schedule. Like me, Tammy loves the seasons, and enjoyed walking in the falling leaves with the light breeze nipping at our fingers and noses.

Whatever the weather, these two carry the sunshine with them. More than a joy to be around, they make you feel valued and appreciated. I think they are the sort who bring out the best in everyone they meet. They have put together a dream team for their celebrations next summer, and it was wonderful to spend some time together before their big day.