The Sunny Monday {Natalie & Stewart}

I have heard it described as the sunny Monday. Sure enough, it was the most glorious Bank Holiday we Brits have seen in a long time. It was terribly fitting for Natalie & Stewart’s Anglesey Abbey engagement shoot. I am convinced the sun shines where they go.

I knew I was going to love them from their correspondence, always kind and friendly, always making me feel warm, so such a sunny day was perfect. Natalie and Stewart have been spending a lot of time in the grounds of Anglesey Abbey of late, watching the seasons pass, with the growing son Joe.

We walked amongst the trees and wild flowers, and they told me a little of their love. Natalie shared that she knew Stewart would be a wonderful father long before Joe came along, and their was a flicker of pride in his eyes. Stewart knew early on that Natalie was the girl he wanted to settle down with and share his life, and there is a beautiful contentment to their way of being. I think they could conquer anything, and do it with sunshine.

Natalie, Stewart and Joe! Thank you for sharing an afternoon with me (and thanks to Stewart’s parents for coming along to look after Joe for a little while). I am overjoyed to be sharing in and documenting your wedding celebrations next month.