Beloved {Nicola & Glen}

At the end of July, a new group of enthusiastic and interested photographers joined me to learn more about the Beloved Technique at my latest Introductory session. The morning was spent talking about the principles, sharing experiences and discussing how to incorporate the technique into a range of shooting styles. In the afternoon, Nicola and Glen joined us so that I could demonstrate the technique first hand to the group, and so they would have a chance to have a go themselves.

The Beloved Technique is simply an elegant tool you can add to your existing repertoire to enhance the emotional content of your images, while retaining all of the scene setting you do as an artist that is unique to you. I did a short session with Nicola and Glen, showing how I use the tool in a way that complements my shooting style to get authentic and emotive images. I showed the class how to create a space for the couple to experience the shoot, so that the images I create remind them of the time they share together. Nicola and Glen were just wonderful, and I want to thank them for the time they took to help this group learn a new skill.


This was an intimate class of six photographers. Three of them have kindly shared their thoughts on their experience:

I can’t speak more highly of Ria as an ambassador for Beloved or as a teacher. She is incredibly patient and inclusive, and explains things in a straightforward way. I was interested to understand more about Beloved but after a few hours with Ria I was completely certain this was the path for me…and incredibly excited! I would recommend anyone who is open to new ideas and experiences to try the introduction to Beloved, and if you can get Ria to do your training then even better!

Natalie Martin

See Natalie’s post on the expereince

“I’ve been smiling ever since taking part in this workshop. A small and intimate group of like-minded photographers from all walks of life were made to feel like old friends in Ria’s family home. The day was organically paced with plenty of room for thoughtful and honest discussion. To see the reactions from some of the Beloved invites through our model couple was emotional to watch. I’ve been given a secret gift here and I cannot wait to take it further and watch it grow, thank you!”

Jo Haycock

“Ria is the perfect guide and teacher to introduce the Beloved experience and techniques and knows perfectly how to explain and inspire her fellow photographers. I had just started my journey into Beloved when I came to the workshop and was still finding my way through it all. When I left I knew absolutely that it was the thing that I had been in search of. I see it as a way to transform the portrait shoot into an experience that is instantly filled with fun and happiness. It is from this initial breaking down of barriers and focusing on the other person that helps couples to really let out who they are. Since developing my delivery of the invites I have shared some incredibly emotive moments with couples and with it some of the best photographs I have ever taken. You can explore a whole range of emotions and even shy couples can show the love they have for each other easily. Not only was the workshop greatly informative, but we were well looked after and I left with new friends to boot. Thank you Ria, you are awesome!”

Simon Biffen