about ria mishaal

There’s a line between what is real and magical, and my art plays there. It plays with what is just out of sight, sparking wonder, transforming the moment. I’m swept up in light and shadow, by how images transform our feelings giving nuanced understanding.


My 15 years as a professional photographer, following a career as a behavioural neuroscientist, has led to my fascination in the connection between people and their passions, and how visual stories help us feel better understood. To me, art is a conversation.

magic is something you make

I work in an organic and fluid way around a careful structure - that balance of the analytical and artistic spirits, that’s so much of who I am. What this means is that you’ll always know where we are in the process, but that the evolution of the work is flexible so it becomes exactly what it needs to be.


I am fascinated and connected to the natural world. I believe a connection with nature leads to greater balance, compassion and understanding in all areas of our lives. and that we should take responsibility for caring for our natural environment in small and big ways. As a curious and quiet observer, deeply connected to the natural world, I tend to attract people who feel a connection to nature, the magical or both.


It’s your individuality, your ownership over your message and identity, that I am driven to capture in the art that I create.

“The artist must train not only their eye

but also their soul. "

adapted from Wassily Kandinsky

inspiring imagination,
narrating nature

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