Floral Photography Workshop

Over the years, I have been asked by many florists how they can learn to photograph their work and capture their artistic vision for themselves. I have designed a course, specifically for those who love flowers, to learn both the technical and the artistic tools needed to make brilliant images of their work for their portfolios in print and online.

Flowers by Jay Archer Floral Design and her students & by Flowers By Passion

‘When I started the Flower School, I knew instantly I wanted Ria Mishaal to partner with us on our new venture. This beautiful, gentle soul – the lady I call ‘gaviscon’ (due to her healing, calming qualities) – is crazy talented and she effortlessly slipped into becoming our resident photographer’ – Jay Archer

I offer two courses:

IN PERSON TWO DAY COURSE: Barnsley House, Gloucestershire

27th-28th March 2019 – BOOK HERE


Book + Support (learn at your own pace) – BOOK HERE

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We cover:

1. Motivation & styling: identifying what you are taking photos for, and how to explore and choose a style

2. Technical

  • Looking at the different cameras and lenses (and phones) you can use and the relative benefits of each
  • Learning how to use your own camera or phone
  • Exploring camera settings and equipment choice and their effect on the image

3. Light

  • Working with natural and artificial light
  • Choosing the type and direction of lighting
  • Inexpensive solutions to lighting poorly lit situations

4. Composition

  • Basics of composition rules
  • Learning how to style and compose your image

5. Shooting in your studio/workshop and on location

6. Shooting for different purposes and how to go about a styled shoot

Your tutor
I have been photographing high end weddings full-time for the last 7 years. For the last three years I have been the official photographer for Jay Archer Floral Design’s Flower School photographing floral arrangements for hundreds of students. I have a passion and appreciation for flowers and the natural environment which has always come through in my photography.

Curiosity, creativity and collaboration are principles I live by. Having loved my university and research studies, and being a self-professed lifelong learner, I am passionate about education. I’ve taught science at university level, and photography to small groups of professionals, both for the Royal Photographic Society and other photography collectives. There is nothing like the feeling of communicating transferable skills and knowledge to enable advancement.

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Flowers by Jay Archer Floral Design & by Flowers By Passion