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Light as a Feather {Layla and Shaun}

Layla & Shaun are sweet, incredibly caring and make you feel calm and energised all at once. Their day at

Spring in London Town {Vanessa & Antony}

Fulham Palace, London This day unfolded on the banks of the Thames, surrounded by the magnolias in full bloom and the

Silver Screen {Mike & Kate}

Spring had begun to entice the trees to awaken. Flowers delicately stretched their newest petals on the cherry trees

The Proper English Sendoff {Sarah and Dave}

The run up to their Priston Mill wedding was a little more than hectic, as just a few months before, Dave and Sarah

The smile {Sara & Nick}

Sara has a certain smile that spread when I mentioned Nick the day of their South Farm wedding. A smile that flickered

Cherry blossom heels {Monique & Frazer}

There are some people in this world that just make you smile and feel happy. Monique is one of those: full of life,

The Fairytale {Louise & Guy}

Swathes of snowdrops draped themselves across the bank. A herald for new beginnings and a beautiful backdrop for a

The beaded giraffe and the setting sun {Spencer & Christine}

Spencer and Christine’s South Farm wedding was a celebration of the closeness of family, and a perfect connection

Elegance of Spring {Caroline & Matt}

The spring is a time of new life. There is an excitement to a spring day, when the white blossom stands out against the

More Than Ever {Laura & Andrew}

‘She lifts her skirt up to her knees, walks through the garden rows with her bare feet, laughing’ –

Full Steam Ahead: Toby and Natalie

There is something beautiful; something intangible but very real about the connection between Toby and Natalie. It