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The one that’s with you {Jan & Feb 2015}

Most of us carry a camera in our pocket in the guise of a phone, and as technology has advanced and those cameras have

Leave No Stone {launched}

Jake and I are very pleased to announce that we have finally launched our new site Leave No Stone. It’s where we

With Love…

Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. – Mother Teresa This stunning

f2 freelance photographer interview {Ria Mishaal}

The Jan/Feb issue f2 Freelance Photographer features an interview with me! I talk about how I started in Wedding

The one that’s with you {July to October 2013}

These are some of my favourite Instagrams from the last four months, with a little backstory to share a little more of

{for the middle of the year}

.. Be brave. Adventure on. Be kind to yourself and never underestimate the power you give to others through what you

The one that’s with you {March to June 2013}

At the beginning of the year I decided to show the four most popular images from my Instagram feed, with a little back

The one that’s with you {February 2013}

Last month I posted a few of my favourite and most popular images from my January 2013 Instagram feed, as a way of

The one that’s with you {January 2013}

It’s been a few years now since we all had cameras in our pocket, but as technology has advanced and those

2012 {review}

2012 was pretty special. It was a year of development, of finding a place to be…me. I want to thank my family and

Hope is beautiful.

Wishing you all a magical Christmas from Central Park in New York City. iPhone image, published on instagram.

The Beauty in Truth {Beloved Collective Photography Festival 2012}

These are my moments between moments at the Beloved Collective Photography Festival 2012 in a little oasis called The

Sometimes the best times are quiet…

…When you have a moment to stop and feel the wind and the sun on your skin, and the ground beneath your feet. I

Our Wedding {published}

It is with great pleasure that we shared our wedding in this month’s You & Your Wedding Magazine. Our

Beautifully Complicated {reborn}

Last summer I had a leap of faith, choosing to follow my heart rather than my head. It was one of the very best things